Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey everyone this is Gigi128 and this is my first blog post ever! I am extremely excited to get started. :)

I would like to start of talking about Eden Fantsys. This one of the coolest site I have ever been on. You can learn & explore the amazing world of sex & sex toys! I have learned so much from this website that I never knew existed. I gotten the chance to experiment with things I wasn't sure I would like. But you can talk to people & get everyone's insight and what they thought of it. Which is convincing. I have recently tried my first dildo ever! I made a good choice picking which dildo is good for me based on the reviews & the video review. My dildo is made by Doc Johnson. It is call Softee Ballsy super cock. It is only 6" long so it does sound wayy bigger than it really is. It was a perfect size for me.(a beginner) Although this dildo is pretty boring it does not vibrate. It is alot of fun! You can suction cup him to the wall. You can play with him in the shower, bath, jacuzzi. To make him vibrate I but a vibrating cock ring on him, which makes thing better than they already are! ;) There are so many different kinds of sex toys that can be so much fun. You just have to explore. :)

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store